I have a passionate interest in both art and technology and have been a student of computer science since high school. I am driven by my interests and actively pursue learning new things. I approach problems as challenges and I am most satisfied when I can understand how to overcome a difficulty. I have an eye for detail and value quality design and structure. I am a self-motivated worker and I work well individually or in a team. As a team member I follow direction well, but will take charge when necessary. I appreciate the support of a team and value the benefits of collaboration.

I have experience working under the Agile software development model and I am skillful with many programming languages. For example PHP, JavaScript, C#, and Java. I have worked on Windows, Linux, and OSX across a range of programming environments and tools. I am skilled with Adobe Photoshop and have a passion for digital art of all kinds. I am currently exploring Blender 3D and the Unity game engine in my free time.

I encourage you to follow the links below to see my past work or add me on LinkedIn. Click here to see my resume.